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* Join Us in a Virtual Fellowship/Bible Teaching Small Group Time (Sunday School)

* Ways to Stay Encouraged and How to Continue to Tithe

* Livestream our Sunday Morning Service and Wednesday Night Virtual Connections

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Dear Church Family,

We will be in Phase 2 of our regathering as we worship on Sunday, June 7th. Though Phase 2 moves us to 50% seating capacity, staying with moderate social distance seating keeps us at around 80 to 90 people in our Worship Center depending on how many are in the families that are able to sit right next to each other. We continue to do all we can to protect those who attend and will continue to support each of you in your individual choice about when to physically return. Know we are praying for you. We look forward to seeing you soon. Remember that we will continue to provide our live stream of our service through FaceBook. Continue to search for Westside Baptist Church Ponchatoula to view our service. We encourage those who watch by live stream to leave us a comment on FaceBook so we know you were worshiping with us.

God bless….


Dickie W. Nelson

​Senior Pastor - Westside Baptist Church


Dear Church Family,

Our governor has shared that we will be entering Phase 1 of re-opening our state. We at Westside Baptist will follow the basic guidelines of this phase 1 as we regather with the safety and health of those attending in mind as well as a testimony to our community that we care about them and their welfare. We will begin our regathering this coming Sunday, May 17th.

The phase 1 recommendation from our governor is that churches regather with 25% of seating capacity and practicing social distance seating among other things. Our floor seating capacity is 290 people. 25% equals 72 people. We can add 6 of our praise team on stage for a total of 78 people in the Worship Center.

Therefore, we will begin regathering following these guidelines:

Sunday Worship Service:

* Begin May 17 allowing 78 people into the Worship Center with an overflow area in the fellowship hall.

* We will set up the Worship Center with seating in every other row and with 3 empty seats between family units.

* There will be no nursery or extended services for children for now.

* We will not give out bulletins and will have offering plates at the exit doors.

* Those attending should be encouraged to do what they feel will keep them safe, including wearing a mask. Hand sanitizer will be available.

* As always, if someone is not feeling well or running fever please stay home until feeling better and fever free.

* We will continue to broadcast our worship services through FaceBook live stream and post our services on our church website: www.westsideponch.com .

Sunday School:

* We will delay regathering for Sunday School for a few more weeks, continuing with our virtual small groups for now. Each teacher will decide when best to have their small group time so those who want to attend our worship service can do so.

* We will allow small groups who would like to physically meet to do so one at a time on the day of their choosing using the fellowship hall where social distancing seating is possible. Each group would wipe down any surfaces they have used at the end of their study. Sunday School Director Lou Becnel will coordinate this.

Wednesday Evening Activities:

* We will continue with our virtual Wednesday evening adult prayer/encouragement time at 6:30 pm until we can begin having our youth and children activities at the church facilities again.

An additional word about seating in our worship center. We need your help to do social distancing seating well. You will see Sunday the rows that we ask that you sit in. As you come in we are asking that you sit together with your family and to make sure there are 3 seats between you and the next family unit, whether that is a family of 6 or a single member. It may be that as others come in that you might need as a family unit to shift a seat or so to keep the 3 empty seats in place to allow the maximum number of people to find seating. So thanks for being flexible and for being very aware of where others are sitting around you. Obviously most of us will not be able to sit where we normally do. Some will be on the extremes of our worship center. But remember this is only for a season. You might even find you like your new seating area better! Thanks in advance for being gracious and flexible as we regather to worship.

We realize there is no ideal way to begin to regather again. Thank you for your understanding and patience in this process. Please know that we will respect and understand as each of you make the decision about when to return. We look forward to seeing each of you when you make that decision. Know we care for you and are praying for each of you.

God bless...

Dickie W. Nelson

Senior Pastor - Westside Baptist Church

Join us in a Virtual Fellowship/Bible Teaching Small Group Time (Sunday School)

Hi Church Family,

I want to encourage as many of you as can to connect with one of our Adult Sunday School teachers who are having a weekly virtual fellowship/Bible teaching small group time. We started this last Sunday and will continue this during these days when we cannot meet physically at our church facilities. Most are using the Zoom video conferencing tool to do this. Our teachers will be glad to send you information about how to join in on this.

Here is a list of those who are now leading this virtual small group time:

Dan Burchfield – Adult III - [email protected] – 985-969-2194

Jay Guillot – Adult II - [email protected] – 985-320-1616

Blake Becnel – Adult I (College & Career) – [email protected] - 985-974-4247

Sherry Hinkson – Ladies’ class - [email protected] – 985-320-1605

Jay Burchfield – Men’s class - [email protected] – 985-969-2187

Some of you may not normally attend one of our adult classes. This is a great opportunity to connect virtually. Feel free to contact any of our teachers already mentioned to join them as they meet virtually.

In addition, our Sunday School Director, Lou Becnel, is going to host a fellowship/Bible teaching small group time for our Senior Adult class and for any others who may be interested in exploring this opportunity. Here is Lou’s contact information: [email protected] – 985-507-9833

Let me encourage you, if you are able, to be a part of one of these “small groups”. Every believer needs to have a small group where they can learn God’s Word and share and serve together.

This is a great opportunity to get connected. We pray this will lead to an ongoing relationship that will continue after we are able to meet together again physically.

Please let us know if you have questions. You can contact Lou Becnel or me at any time.

God bless…


Dickie W. Nelson

Senior Pastor - Westside Baptist Church


Ways to Stay Encouraged

How to Continue to Tithe

 Dear Church Family,

These are unprecedented days for all of us. Please note that we are canceling all activities for the coming weeks normally held at Westside. You should have gotten a phone call from me about this. However, we are planning to stream live our Worship Service led by our Praise Team and our Pastors at 10:30AM on the coming Sundays. This will be done on FaceBook. Search FaceBook for Westside Baptist Church Ponchatoula LA. After the service you will find the video of this on our church website: www.westsideponch.com.

Remember several things during these days:

Pray for one another!

Find ways to serve those around you and to share the love of Christ. Many are fearful and have no eternal hope. This is a needed time to focus on others.

Though we will not be meeting on Sunday mornings for our regular Bible Study time or on Wednesday evenings, take time to gather with your family and a few friends to study the Bible together and pray. Read and talk about your Sunday School lessons each Sunday. Use our RightNow Media to connect online with wonderful Bible Studies and conferences that will encourage you (Let me know if you need me to resend you the invitation to join RightNow Media. Its free to you!). This is a special time to do in small family and friend groups what many in our world do every week where they are prohibited to meet openly or in large groups.

Continue to give your tithes and offerings during these days. Ongoing ministry and budget needs continue even if we are not physically together. Remember you have 4 ways to continue to give: 1) Tithe.ly App. Just download the app, create a login, select Westside Baptist Church in Ponchatoula, and follow the directions. 2) We have a tithing/online giving option on our church website that takes you directly to the Tithe.ly application. 3) Use your bank’s “Bill Pay” to send a check to Westside. 4) You can always write a check and mail it to the church (40375 W I-55 Service Road, Ponchatoula, LA 70454). We will postpone our special Annie Armstrong Offering for North American Missions until we are back together physically at Westside.

If there is any way we can help any of you please let us know.

God bless….


Dickie W. Nelson

​Senior Pastor - Westside Baptist Church

Livestream our Sunday Morning Service 

Wednesday Night Virtual Connections

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dear Church Family,

Know that Blake and I are praying for you regularly. We sincerely miss seeing you physically. We want to encourage you to stay the course and keep the faith in these trying days. God is still on His throne and working ultimately for His glory and our good. (Romans 8:28)

Here are some things to keep in mind:

Live streaming of our Sunday services at 10:30Am on Facebook continues. Search “Westside Baptist Church Ponchatoula LA” on Facebook. You can watch the video afterwards on FaceBook or on the link found on our Church Website: https://westsideponch.com/livestream-videos

Join your pastors virtually on Wednesday evenings at 6:30PM for “Your Pastor’s Prayer & Encouragement Time”. We do this though a video conferencing app/software called Zoom. We will send an email with details about how to connect each Monday or Tuesday. Hope you can join us.

Continue to read your Bible regularly in these days. As we mentioned recently, take time to gather with your family to study the Bible together and pray. Read and talk about your Sunday School lessons each Sunday. Use our RightNow Media to connect online with wonderful Bible Studies and conferences that will encourage you (Let us know if you need us to resend you the invitation to join RightNow Media. Its free to you!).

Please continue to give your tithes and offerings. Our ministry at Westside continues as well as our support of missions in our state, country and the world. Our Church website offers some options for giving. https://westsideponch.com/tithing-online-giving

We love you and look forward to when we will be back physically together in fellowship, worship and service.

God bless…

Dickie Nelson & Blake Becnel

Pastors – Westside Baptist Church